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I’ve reviewed several weight loss products, including those with Garcinia, Raspberry ketones, and OTC Phentermine. However, with this review on Forskolin 250, I will look into these Forskolin pills and their claimed weight loss benefits.

I decided on reviewing Forskolin 250 because this is one of the best-selling Forskolin supplements online. It’s also made by Wolfson Berg Ltd, a premier supplement manufacturer that provides quality supplements to hundreds of thousands of customers around the world.

What Is Forskolin 250?

Forskolin 250 is a weight loss supplement that uses the Forskolin extract from the roots of the Coleus Forskohlii plant.

This plant has been used in traditional medicine for thousands of years as a practical solution for problems like high blood pressure, asthma, and weight loss.

This extract has been scientifically documented to promote weight loss by boosting metabolism and promote fat breakdown.

I like the fact that this ingredient allows fat loss without damaging the lean muscle we have built up.

The ingredient provides its weight loss benefits by promoting the production of cAMP (cyclic Adenosine MonoPhosphate). This molecule allows the body to support HSL (hormone-sensitive lipase) levels. This is an enzyme to is responsible for fat breakdown via thermogenesis.

Research has found that cAMP is capable of promoting lipolysis and lean mass creation.

cAMP is also capable of stimulating the thyroid to boost metabolism, further accelerating your weight loss.

What Are Forskolin 250 Benefits?

  • Promotes safe and natural weight loss
  • Heightens metabolic rate
  • Prevents lean muscle mass loss
  • Improves stored fat breakdown
  • Enhances energy levels
  • Accelerates calorie burn
  • Provides results within a few weeks
  • Useful for both men and women
  • Claims to contain no fillers, binders or chemical additives

Forskolin 250 By Bauer Nutrition:

Forskolin 250 is one of the top-selling weight loss pills in the Bauer Nutrition lineup.

And the manufacturer behind Bauer Nutrition is a Cyprus-based supplement manufacturer called Wolfson Berg Ltd.

This manufacturer has produced several world-renowned health and wellness products. Forskolin 250 happens to be one of these top-performing products.

Wolfson Berg Ltd. is also easy to contact with queries regarding Forskolin 250:

  • Email:
  • Phone: +1 646 568 9679 (Quote ‘113913’ to be connected with a Product Specialist)
  • Address (Headquarters): WOLFSON BERG LIMITED, Archiep. Makariou III, 124, JOC BUSINESS CENTER, Kiti, 7550, Larnaca, Cyprus
I also found that it’s possible to directly contact the manufacturer on the official website with the Contact Form or their Live Chat.

How Much Forskolin 250 Should You Take A Day?

The bottle label indicates that the dosage for this supplement is 2 capsules per day, with food or a drink.

Each bottle comes with a 60 capsule supply that should last you 30 days with the recommended dosage. And with each serving (2 capsules) of Forskolin 250, you get 250 mg of Forskolin (Coleus Forskohlii).

I would suggest against overdosing on the pills as you probably won’t find any additional benefit of doing so.

Additionally, the supplement makers suggest children under the age of 18, pregnant or nursing mothers, or adults with known medical conditions talk to their doctors before using this supplement.

What Are The Side Effects Of Taking Forskolin 250?

The official site claims to have not received any reports of this supplement causing any side effects in its users. Of the few available reviews on Amazon for Forskolin 250, no user has expressed concerns regarding side effects from using Forskolin 250.

However, there are too few user reviews for me to give you a 100% guarantee that this pill won’t cause stomach aches or digestive issues.

But I’ve researched the Forskolin plant and found similar products that also lack side effects. And there’s also the 60-day money-back guarantee that has you covered.

So, you should be fine with this product.

Does Forskolin 250 Really Work For Weight Loss?

  • 2005 study found Forskolin to decrease body fat percentage, increase lean body mass and boost serum testosterone levels.
  • 1982 study found higher levels of Forskolin to promote lipolysis and cAMP levels.
  • 2014 study found Forskolin to stimulate lipolysis, prevent weight gain, and boost cAMP levels.

Note that these clinical studies are not directly on Forskolin 250 but the active ingredient, Forskolin.

Where To Buy Forskolin 250?

I checked on Amazon, Walmart, GNC, and eBay for the best deals available for Forskolin 250. I found it on Amazon, but it was currently not available.

In the end, I only found Forskolin 250 to be available for purchase on the official website.

The official site provides these deals for Forskolin 250:

  • One bottle for $44.99
  • Three bottles (Buy 2, Get 1 Free) for $89.99
  • Six bottles (Buy 3, Get 3 Free) for $134.99

Does Forskolin 250 Come With Any Guarantees?

Yes. I found that you can get a full refund if you return the product within 60 days, as per the 60-day money-back guarantee. However, I only found this deal on the official site.

What Is The Forskolin 250 And Detox Pure Combo?

The Bauer Nutrition website also comes with a Forskolin 250 and Detox Pure Combo. This combo provides you with an additional detox supplement that can improve your digestion and nutrient absorption, along with promoting weight loss.

Here’s a quick cost breakdown of Forskolin 250 and Detox Pure Combo:

Forskolin 250 & Detox Pure ComboCostSavings
Buy 1$79.95$10.00
Buy 2 & Get 1 FREE$159.90$79.95
Buy 3 & Get 3 FREE$239.85$239.85

In the end, the combo deal can help you save a lot of money. However, you don’t need both products to experience the weight loss benefits of Forskolin 250.

What Is The Best Forskolin For Weight Loss?

If you check for Forskolin products online, you are bound to find hundreds of similarly named products, of which, Forskolin 250 is just one.

That said, the fact that a well-reputed manufacturer makes this product and it provides a plausible set of benefits is a plus in my book.

I would have liked it if there were more user reviews I could find online, but I am still satisfied with what I saw online.

So, considering the claimed benefits, lack of side effects, and online deals, I recommend you get Forskolin 250 to help promote faster weight loss.

However, remember that the only place to currently buy Forskolin 250 is from the official site.

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